Have you ever wondered?

Wednesday, 11 September 2013



If God exists?
How He works through us?
What is His Expectation from you?
What He wants you to do?
What should you do to enter the Kingdom of God?
How can we prove that God is real?
Are you sure that you are following the right God?
Are you a good religious person?
What is your opinion on God?
Should the followers of God do the same as the unbelievers?
Should we go to church or not?
How do we know that the Bible is right?
What is Baptism? And when should we take it?
Who is the wise or the fool?
How should you live Holy?
What's your plan to be on this Earth?
What's your role as a family member?
Do you think that you are free? How?
Are you saved? How do you know?
What is born again?
How to understand the Bible?
Things that's not in the Bible, Is it a SIN?
Do you think that all Gods are one?
Do we have to pray to Idols?
What should we do to get close to God?

If you have any question that is not in the above choices, please feel free to ask any question

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